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Headed for expansion with a broadened portfolio:
automotive supplier PMG to reposition itself

Füssen, August 31, 2021: International automotive supplier Powder Metal Goldschmidt (PMG) is reaffirming its claim of actively shaping the automotive industry's transformation and continuing its growth. To this end, the company is diversifying its portfolio and tapping additional powder metallurgy segments. PMG also plans to enter other areas of the automotive industry in the future. As an expression of the change within the company, PMG has been presenting itself with a new corporate identity and the brand message "Passion drives us." at


Far-reaching change in the automotive industry
The automotive industry is undergoing far-reaching structural change. More and more countries are deciding to phase out the internal combustion engine, and new drive technologies are becoming increasingly important. E-mobility, networked driving, new mobility services and new materials are only some of the stages of the way to a sustainable, smart and secure mobile future. This change poses major challenges for many automotive manufacturers and suppliers.

PMG to expand with diversification strategy
Globally active automotive supplier PMG intends to actively shape this change. The company, which was founded in Füssen (Germany) in 1960 and has around 1,400 employees and eight plants on three continents today, has been one of the leading suppliers of innovative powder metal solutions for decades. PMG is committed to further growth and is expanding its strategic focus to achieve it. The company's diversification strategy, for instance, envisages a broader product portfolio both in powder metallurgy and in additional segments within the automotive industry.

Product innovations and e-mobility as growth drivers
In addition to existing business, product innovations are growth drivers for PMG. On occasion, the company has received orders for powder metal products from segments on which it had not even focused previously. Thus, PMG is driving its organic growth through both existing and newly developed products. The new orientation is also accompanied by a stronger focus on electromobility. For instance, PMG develops powder metal components for electric motors, electrically powered axles and alternative drive systems. Initial powder metal products for special hybrid transmissions (DHT) already entered series production.

New corporate identity with the brand message "Passion drives us."
To make its own further development and explicit course for growth visible to the outside world, PMG is now presenting itself with a new corporate identity. The new claim "Passion drives us." refers to the core of the company’s brand identity. The further developed logo still visualizes the sintering process in powder metallurgy while also symbolizing the fusion of different processes and the productivity of cooperation in global partnerships. The new vision substantiates the company's ambition: "We are the preferred global partner for today's and tomorrow's powder metal and automotive solutions."

The launch of the new corporate identity also included the go-live of PMGs completely redesigned website at

PMG CEO Dr. Gutes: "Actively shaping change with Passion, flexibility and efficiency."
Dr. Marius Gutes, CEO of PMG, believes the company is well positioned: "As a highly specialized automotive supplier with a passionately dedicated workforce, we have both profound experience and extensive innovation know-how. This enables us to develop solutions for our long-standing clients and new customers alike to support them cost-effectively and sustainably with their current and future challenges," stated Dr. Gutes. "This change is a chance," continued Dr. Gutes.


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