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In the powder metal process, recycling of green parts scrap is a wonderful way to save resources and costs at the same time.
Compared with other technologies, the PM process itself is already known for its cost effectiveness and sustainability. This near net shape process has high material utilization and lower energy consumption.
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Within the production process of powder metal parts, the desired shape is pressed (compacted) from powder (green part) and then cured by heat (sintered part).

Why do we have green parts scrap? E.g., during changeover of the production equipment from one product to another, it is necessary to press some test parts, which are scrapped after quality reviews.
Other reasons include sample parts of regular quality tests or changes in powder mixtures.
PMG Asturias established a process to recycle this green scrap after compacting by using its own milling station. The green part is ground back into metal powder, from which new products can be made again in compliance with the quality standards of our customers.

“We reduce waste and generate cost savings at the same time. This is not only the consequence of having the milling station in-house, but also the PMG Team in Asturias fully committed. I think it is a win-win situation", explains Antonio Agudin, Managing Director of PMG Asturias.