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With a new project, PMG Polmetasa supports employees who enter retirement. In three-day workshops, PMG employees can learn how the retirement phase can be life-enhancing for themselves, their families, their social environment and the community as a whole.

After a long professional career, the transition to retirement is a new phase in life that is associated with a variety of changes. In the future, PMG Polmetasa would like to support its long-serving employees even more in coping with the associated challenges as well as possible.

In the first workshop with experts from various fields, participants were able to learn how best to prepare for their retirement and what financial particularities need to be taken into account. Health aspects, such as a conscious diet, were also discussed. The training also aimed to motivate participants to undertake physical, mental and social activities, thereby achieving a proactive commitment to shaping their new lives in all their facets.

The workshop was carried out in collaboration with the "Diputación Foral de Guipúzcoa" (the provincial council of the Spanish province of Guipúzcoa) and "Bizipoz" (a non-profit organization promoting the empowerment of older people). Ten PMG staff members were involved in the planning and organization of the workshop (Antonio Alonso, Koldo Bengoetxea, María Sánchez, Julio Borrego, Jose Luis García, Javi Armendia, Pedro da Silva, Jesús Aizpurua, Andrés González, Juan Mª Usandizaga).

After the extremely positive experience from the first workshop, all participants hope that the project can be continued with further workshops.