PMG is a global group of companies that utilizes the vast resources available from all its facilities. To guarantee a high quality of our products and processes, each company has implemented a quality management system according to ISO 9001 or IATF 16949.

Management ensures their effectiveness by living and practicing the following statements:

  • On time delivery of products and services that exceed our customers` expectations at all levels, present and future
  • Committed to continuous improvement in all business processes
  • Maintain a robust supplier development program to insure conformance to all PMG quality requirements
  • To avoid defects by prevention, robust production process and robust product design. We are committed to strive for zero defect philosophy
  • Involve all of our employees in continuous improvement and provide them with proper training and tools

The proper functioning of the QM systems is being reviewed by the management through internal audits and periodic reports on the results. The full implementation of the PMG quality initiative serves as a primary method of enhancing the value to our stakeholders to assure their continued support in the highly competitive automotive marketplace.

Füssen, 18th January 2018

Global HSE Policy


The PMG Group regards environmental protection, energy efficiency and occupational health and safety as fundamental principles of economic activity and expresses this with the following guiding principles:

The obligation to protect the environment and to promote occupational health and safety are an integral part of all entrepreneurial activities.

In the context of our activities, the economical use of resources and energy as well as a careful and considerate use of natural resources such as water quality and air quality is not only an obligation but an opportunity as well.

We consider the primary stages of planning, development and construction to be of vital importance to the long term environmental sustainability, energy efficiency and future health and safety of projects. Our planning and procurement process involves the use of environmentally friendly and energy efficient, safe ergonomic products, systems and services. This leads to better energy efficiency and occupational safety of materials, creating a more sustainable environment for everyone.

We believe that environmental protection and economic development are not mutually exclusive. Therefore we consciously strive for better energy efficiency throughout all our sites. As a result we have implemented a set of organizational and technical measures in order to sustain the reduction or elimination of environmental damage across all our sites.

PMG always seeks to strengthen public confidence in our actions through honest and open dialogue with government authorities. As a result, we expect all our partners and subsidiaries to strive for the same standards.

PMG always strives to comply with any requirements and regulations as laid out by public authorities and environmental regulators. This includes speedy compliance to any and all energy, occupational safety and environmental laws already in place, as well as any new or modified requirements and recommendations as per their relevance.

We are convinced that our employees are of paramount importance to the continued success and existence of our company. An important task of every employee, from apprentices to senior management, is to purposefully support the implementation of our HSE policy. Against this background, we demand and promote commitment and performance, whilst also considering the professional competence and job satisfaction of our employees.

We are committed to the continuous improvement of our HSE management system. This is with the aim of increasing our environmental and energy efficiency as well as improving the standard of occupational health and safety. In order to achieve this, we provide all necessary resources.

Füssen, 18th January 2018