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Photo: Simon Toplak

On 12 May 2022, Wertachtal-Werkstätten invited their partner companies to a "panel discussion to promote the integration of people with disabilities". This initiative is in turn part of the nationwide activities of the "Aktion Mensch" organisation in the context of the "European Day of Protest for the Equality of People with Disabilities".

PMG Füssen GmbH has been collaborating closely with the Wertachtal-Werkstätten organisation since 2020.
At the panel, both the employees who work for the companies and the company representatives reported about their daily work routine, their tasks and their shared experiences.
Peter Lehmann, Director Human Resources of PMG Füssen GmbH, said: "We have tasks where the employees of Wertachtal-Werkstätten can support our staff and reduce their workload, such as in packaging. An industrial enterprise like ours offers plenty of opportunities for inclusion. And new job opportunities are constantly arising, such as simple checks or assistance with gate checks during the COVID-19 pandemic."
At the panel discussion, Peter Speer, staff member of Wertachtal-Werkstätten, reported that he enjoys working with PMG very much, already knows the ropes and really likes working with his PMG colleague, who has become a steady point of contact to him.
"Mr Speer is recognised and appreciated by his colleagues", Peter Lehmann said. "You must have the courage to try something new. As an employer, you must be prepared to offer flexibility and adapt the workplace to the specific person."