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PMG Asturias and Bosquia Join Forces to Restore Neglected Forests and Reduce Carbon Footprint

PMG Asturias has launched a partnership with Bosquia to plant trees in neglected areas and reduce its carbon footprint in the coming years.

Bosquia, is a platform which aims to raise awareness among companies and individuals about the importance of forests and encourage them to contribute making our planet greener. Forests are the major regulators and balancers of the climate: they favor rainfall, generate oxygen, clean the atmosphere and are essential for life. (Source: Bosquia)

The first 1,000 PMG-Trees have already been planted and consist of the species English walnut, Celtiberian birch, Pedunculate oak, and Hazelnut. These first 1,000 trees are estimated to absorb 162 tons of CO2. We are very excited to watch them grow and look forward to the next planting events. Many thanks to the Bosquia team for their great support.