Spain - Asturias

Welcome to PMG Asturias Powder Metal S.A.U.

The PMG Asturias facility was an innovative concept designed to produce high volume components while meeting strict quality requirements. This facility is specialized in one piece flow manufacturing of synchronizer hubs for manual / double clutch transmissions and helped to elevate the PMG group to a world leadership position in manufacturing synchronization PM parts.



PMG Asturias Powder Metal S.A.U.
Pol. Ind. Vega de Baiña
E- 33682 Mieres
Phone:    +34-98-5446 800
Fax:          +34-98-5446 801


GPS coordinates:
43.274089, -5.823407


For the navigation:
43°16'26.7"N 5°49'24.3"W