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Within the PMG group, Polmetasa assumes the competence relative to marketing, development and manufacturing of the components for shock absorber (SA) applications. Our experience in the powder metal technology, combined with our functional knowledge of the product and our manufacturing focus allow us to work with our customers in order to improve performance and reduce cost. This strategy has taken us to our current market leader position in Europe. Combining the strengths of an industry leader, PMG Polmetasa provides a wide scope of new possibilities. Our main goal is to create synergies and solutions for our customers that maximize value.



Our capability to design and manufacture our own tooling is a valuable asset to help our customers with the development and new applications and also provides additional flexibility. World class raw material suppliers provide the consistency required to assure quality product batch after batch. PMG Polmetasa adds functional value to its powder metal components by performing or subcontracting additional processes to supply ready to use components or subassemblies. The integration of these operations reduces the supply chain and the resulting logistic and administrative cost. Clear examples of this commitment are the integration of complex machining operations, rod guide bushing insertion and PTFE piston banding.



Our product portfolio focuses within the scope of the powder metal parts used in automotive shock absorber applications, among which the key examples are:

  • Pistons and banded pistons
  • Base valves / cylinder ends
  • Rod guides with or without the inserted bushing
All of them are key elements in the control of the fluid that determines the performance of the shock absorber, as well as its mechanical and structural operation by supporting and guiding the rod throughout its travel. In order to meet the stringent industry requirements, accuracy and repeatability batch to batch is of utmost importance.



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