Major problem of PM parts: fatigue properties. Fatigue is mainly influenced by surface density and integrity. The DensiForm process improves the surface density of PM parts up to 100% density in a layer of up to 1mm (0.04 in.) without jeopardizing its integrity by inclusions immanent in the powder forging process.

Skills and Achievements of the patented DensiForm® process

  • DensiForm® renders a high density material layer in highly loaded surface areas.
  • using DensiForm® will achieve properties for your cost-efficient PM part which are comparable to wrought-iron parts or surpass these
  • with DensiForm® process will enhance your part with a 1 mm high density layer on the surface and an average part density of 90 per cent.
  • DensiForm® has substantially increased the range of application for PM parts.


DensiForm® will enable you to have a high density layer in highly stressed surface areas. With this new process it has become possible to mass produce powder metal parts which are not only cost efficient and accurately reproducible but have a load profile on par with or exceeding conventionally manufactured parts DensiForm® products have proven their worth in countless applications in the last years. The patented DensiForm® process has been successfully used in high volume series applications since 2006.