Compliance Structure

A Compliance Board, Group Compliance Manager, as well as a Local Compliance Representative at each plant, have been named.

These resources have been made available for reporting infractions as well as for getting answers to questions regarding the Code of Conduct and the Behavioral Guidelines.

Compliance Board:
Permanent Members: Dr. Mario Gutes, Mr. Carsten Storm and Mrs. Noelia Rodríguez


Group Compliance Manager:
Group Compliance Manager: Mrs. Noelia Rodríguez

Local Compliance Representatives
PMG Shanghai: Ms. Zhixian Qian
PMG Holding: Mr. Michael Kosakewitz
PMG Füssen: Mr. Peter Lehmann
PMG Brasov: Liliana Morar
PMG Indiana & PMG Pennsylvania: Mr. Michael Mowrer
PMG Polmetasa: Ms. Susana Cabo
PMG Asturias: Ms. Inmaculada Alvarez



The Compliance Department, all executives, company management and the supervisory board are available for any questions regarding conduct as per this set of rules. Each party mentioned guarantees confidentiality.