Declaration from the Management Board


In a group of companies like ours, minimum standards of behavior are extremely important.


We trust that employees want to do the right thing, and to ensure that we are able to do this we should be familiar with the guiding principles of business conduct relevant to our work.


The Management Board states that PMG is unreservedly committed to corporate compliance and will forgo any business transactions that would violate our guideline principles.


Our Corporate Compliance Policies help our employees to make good decisions about appropriate behaviors in the market in which we operate.


Our Code of Conduct sums up our commitments as a group. Our Behavioral Guidelines should give us a clear understanding of our expectations.


Our Compliance Organization reflects the needs of a global automotive company.


Our commitments to value creation, excellence and respect & trust are acknowledged by our employees, customers and partners. We strive to maintain our outstanding position in the market and to develop it further. Even alleged, minor violations of our standards could impact this trust and harm the company.


We expect that we make our Code of Conduct and Behavioral Guidelines our guide in all activities. Understanding this Code of Conduct and living by its principles is essential for our personal success and our ability to contribute to the overall image and success of the group, as well as all affiliated companies, employees and their families, customers, suppliers and neighbors in the communities where we live and work.



Füssen, January 2018


Dr. Mario Gutes  
Managing Director, CEO