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2015 PowderMet - Wrought steel gears and surface densified powder metallurgy gears


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PMG gear solutions

PMG is your partner when it comes to the design, testing, validation, series production and stock management of cost effective powder metal gear solutions.


Product examples are:

  • Transmission helical gears
  • Spur gears
  • Ring gears


Advantages of PMG DensiForm® Gears

  • Reduced machining steps by near-net-shape production
  • PMG patented selective surface densification – DensiForm®
  • Higher core density of PMG DensiForm® gears compared to conventional surface densified gears
  • High dimensional precision and a quality equivalent to that of machined solid steel gears
  • Superior surface finish

Powder Metal Gearbox Initiative

Powder Metal Gearbox Initiative
The Powder Metal Gearbox Initiative (PMGI) consists of PMG and twelve other leading powder metallurgy technology providers, tech partners and suppliers from the entire PM value chain; all committed to proving the concept of powder metal gears in automotive transmissions


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