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Shock Absorbers

PMG is the world market leader for powder metal parts used in automotive shock absorber applications, among which, the key examples are:
All of them are key elements in the control of the fluid that determines the performance of the shock absorber, as well as its mechanical and structural operation by supporting and guiding the rod throughout its travel. In order to meet the stringent industry requirements, accuracy and repeatability batch to batch is of utmost importance. Our shock absorber business unit concept, with production sites in Asia, North America and Europe enables PMG to provide the same technology and quality standard through local content, while offering the advantage of a single business partner world-wide. Our R&D and testing facilities, close to our PMG Polmetasa S.A.U. plant are equipped to perform endurance and performance shock absorber testing. This allows us to support our customers in the validation process in case of process or product changes as well as testing our own technology improvement initiatives before taking them to the market.